Types of Braces

While many people think there is just one option for braces, the truth is that there are many on the market—and more being developed all the time. We offer numerous braces options, making it easy for us to meet both the needs and the wants of our patients. Some of the braces we offer are listed below.

Traditional Metal Braces

These are an improved version of the braces we all know well. They are made from quality stainless steel and are the most common type of braces used. Affordable and effective, many patients are looking for these braces in their treatment. And since they are smaller and lighter than in the past, they look and feel better.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are essentially traditional metal braces but they use ceramic brackets on some of the teeth. While more delicate than metal braces, they are less visible, making them a good option for those who want to minimize the appearance of their appliance. Because they are fragile, we only use them with older patients.


Invisalign works like braces but isn’t actually braces. Instead, it is a system that uses clear plastic aligners, similar to tooth-whitening trays. They are removable and invisible, and more comfortable than braces. You wear them for 22 hours a day and change to the next in the series every two weeks. It is an effective and discreet form of treatment.