Patient Testimonials


I have five older brothers, and one sister. They have been to a lot of different orthodontists and we think Dr. Eberle is the best! The team is wonderful and friendly and I love Dr. Eberle … he is amazing. Plus, the Tooth Mover shuttle has been a lot of fun to take back and forth to school!

Cynthia and son AndrewViola--cropped-

Dr. Eberle took his time with Andrew and we were given personal attention. The staff is warm, friendly and efficient, and you can tell they enjoy each other’s company. There is rarely a wait time for our appointment and as a busy mom, I appreciate that consideration. We have been extremely satisfied with our experience at Eberle orthodontics.

Judy and daughter SiennaPalombino--cropped-

I have been in the customer service business my whole life and with that said I have very high expectations. Dr. Eberle “GETS IT.” From the time you walk into his office, you are greeted with genuine eye contact and warm smiles. It is as if you are walking into his home. Plus, Dr. Eberle’s team is a great reflection of the care he has for his patients and the person he is.


Eberle Orthodontics was the happiest and most relaxed environment I have ever been to for the care of my teeth! They welcome me with a personal smile each time I have an appointment and everyone there really got to know me! Not to mention my teeth look and feel more perfect than ever!

Karen and son MitchSirriano--cropped-

What makes Eberle Orthodontics rock is Dr. Eberle himself. As Mitch said, “He cares about what we are doing.” You see, he is not just the professional orthodontist who is moving teeth, he is a kind and caring man that genuinely asks his patients what’s going on in their lives and then he finds a way to let them know he supports them.


I work in a pediatric dental office. We send many patients to Dr. Eberle and our patients have only good things to say. I have met many orthodontists over the years, but Dr. Eberle is by far the nicest and most down to earth. Dr. Eberle is personable and easy to talk to. He is an amazing orthodontist. If you could see my before and after photos, you would be convinced!

Kelly and daughter ErinReynolds--cropped-

My parents were looking at different orthodontists for convenience and cost. We thought Eberle Orthodontics was the best place for those reasons and lots more. When I go to my appointments, the whole team is so welcoming and nice to me. Dr. Eberle not only cares about me as a patient, but also sponsors my neighborhood swim team and school plays.

Suanne and son LukeByron--cropped-

Dr. Eberle takes time to explain the work he has completed plus the next steps in the process. The waiting area offers plenty to keep my other children entertained while they wait for their brother. We love that the practice provides opportunities to give to those in need in the community and we appreciate Dr. Eberle’s integrity.