First Visit

h-braces.jpgUpon your arrival, please say hello to our scheduling coordinator who will assist you during check-in. Dr. Eberle will be notified that you have arrived and you, or you and your child will be escorted to one of our comfortable rooms for the new patient exam where Dr. Eberle will see you.

At this complimentary visit, our objective is to identify the long-term orthodontic needs for you or your child. You will be taken on a tour of the new office and each patient will receive a thorough orthodontic examination by Dr. Eberle. One of three outcomes will be determined:

  • Treatment is recommended now
  • Treatment is not recommended at all
  • Treatment will be needed, but the timing of such will depend upon close monitoring of growth, tooth eruption, or other factors

We will review all findings in detail with you and discuss any questions or areas of concern you may have. If treatment is recommended, complimentary records will be taken to be used for a thorough evaluation of your smile and bite. These consist of digital photographs and orthodontic X-rays. Dr. Eberle will then review your case in a high amount of detail before outlining your personalized treatment options during the following consultation visit. At the consultation visit, treatment plan and financing options are discussed and we will make sure you have all your questions answered. Please note there are no fees for either the ‘new patient’ or ‘consultation’ visits – we want to demonstrate our level of commitment to you, your smile, and your health by taking the time to give you all the important information needed prior to making the best decision for you and your family.

Before your first visit, please complete the patient information form, which can be downloaded and printed using the link below (requires Adobe Acrobat). Our staff will also mail this form to your home when you call to schedule your first visit. Completing these forms prior to your arrival facilitates beginning your first visit without delay. If you have orthodontic insurance coverage, please bring your card so that we may assist you in filing for reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

Patient Forms

Thank you for choosing our office for your orthodontic evaluation. We will ensure your visit will be informative as well as enjoyable.


*These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the Adobe logo above to download.